Technical info Acospray DC
Acospray absorbs sound, improves speech intelligibility and gives a natural feeling of well-being in a room. It is a seamless finish with five different finishing levels. Acospray is applied directly to the substrate with minimal loss of height.


Key features

  • Excellent acoustic properties, aw = 1.0 at 35mm
  • High bond strength, 736x to 12,600x its own weight
  • Environmentally friendly, Cradle2Cradle Bronze Certified, EPD ISO 14025, Hong Kong G-pass Bronze, SGBC Excellent
  • Fast implementation, up to 250m2 per day
  • Standard colors: White, Cool grey, ILA (concrete) grey, Oman grey, Black, Hong Kong grey, India Yellow, Apple Grey, Billboard Grey, Denim Blue, Green, Terracotta
  • Colored in the mass in any desired color by adding pigment to the binder
  • Hygroscopic, but water resistant. Adhesion remains intact even when submerged in water
  • Light weight
  • Easy to repair, manually or with a mini spray installation
  • High elasticity
  • Easy to clean with a textile mouth vacuum cleaner or dry ice cleaning procedure
  • Fire safety: B-s1.d0 or B-s2.d0 without adding borates

Product information

  • Base material: Specifically selected cellulose fibers with mineral supplements. Used fibers have recycled source in 100% of the cases
  • Binder: Various environmentally friendly binders depending on application
    Implementation principles
  • Surface to be treated must be clean, airtight and dry
  • The flatness of the substrate determines the flatness of the end result
  • Extend central electrical boxes to the thickness of the package to be applied
  • Pre-treating metal parts against rusting
  • Acoprimer for soiled or insufficiently waterproof surfaces
  • Termination profile when there is no connection or a wall/frame
  • Installation using mobile scaffolding and/or scissor lifts
  • Minimum execution temperature > 10ºC
    Execution levels
  • DC1 2.0 reworked structure
  • DC2 2.0 pressed structure
  • DC2 1.0 fine spray structure
  • DC3 medium-fine spray structure