Acoplaster F


Acoplaster F

Acoplaster is the most finely finished acoustic plaster finish available. The construction consists of two components, namely the mineral wool plate and the finishing layer. The material is applied in a total package thickness of 35mm (3mm plate glue, 30mm mineral wool, 2mm plaster layer).


The material is applied by means of an assembly process. In this case, the sheet material is glued in full on a plasterboard or direct architectural substrate. This is then provided with a plaster layer. After the plaster layer has dried, the whole is sanded to correct all imperfections. Damage afterwards can easily be repaired invisibly by greasing some material and sanding it after drying.


This product can be applied to almost any surface. Due to the hygroscopic properties even in swimming pools. Weight after application is 7-8 kg/m2.



Fire Behaviour

Efectis, 1350-1:2018, B-s2.d0



White and any other specific color by adding pigment to the plaster.



The removal of possible dust and cobwebs can be done with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft textile mouth.



-Minor repairs are easy to do manually



-The material can be oversprayed using an airless spraying technique. We do not recommend using a rolling technique


Basics application

-Substrate must be clean, dry and airtight (close plasterboard seams)

-Flatness of the surface determines the flatness of the end result

- Extend central boxes, etc. to the thickness of the spraying work

-For spots, there are custom build solutions designed and printed by means of cuffs or 3D

-If no termination by wall or frame, a closing profile must be placed

-Installation using mobile scaffolding and/or scissor lifts

-Temperature during and after application 15°C

-To speed up the drying process, we recommend installing fans and building dryers

-A moisture meter will be made available to monitor the drying process

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Acoustic values

Product type125Hz250Hz500Hz1kHz2kHz4kHzawNRC
Acoplaster F 32mm0,280,771,000,950,920,910,950,90